CCP Logo

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Our work will be made easier by having a clear symbol that represents our efforts in defining our future.  The logo is a cedar hat displaying the Sq’ewá:lxw First Nation logo. The woven hat symbolizes the weaving together of the community vision through the comprehensive community plan, as well as the protective force of the hat itself.  Below the hat are Sq’ewá:lxw people both holding up the planning process and being protected by it.

Sq’ép #1- Meeting Report

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Pictured above are our Members who came together Saturday August 12th at Ruby Creek.  We spent the afternoon together discussing how we will all work together to plan for the future.  We had Elders, and youth, and everything in-between!  We took lots of time to get re-acquainted with each other.  We revisited the vision for the future that community Members have developed in previous exercises.  Following-up on our survey, we discussed and debated which topics are of greatest importance for us to consider over the next year as we move forward.  Based on what we heard we will be grouping our discussions as per the graphic showed here.

Members shared their thoughts:

We will right it in our time – Lucy

We are all in this together – Bill

Elders believed education is the key to survival and will
help heal and reinvent ourselves
– Harvey

Including youth in traditional way of life, it is the only
way we are going to survive
– Harvey

Special thanks go to Bill Davis for supporting the work
with drumming and singing.