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Our work will be made easier by having a clear symbol that represents our efforts in defining our future.  The logo is a cedar hat displaying the Sq’ewá:lxw First Nation logo. The woven hat symbolizes the weaving together of the community vision through the comprehensive community plan, as well as the protective force of the hat itself.  Below the hat are Sq’ewá:lxw people both holding up the planning process and being protected by it.

Sq’ép #1- Meeting Report

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Pictured above are our Members who came together Saturday August 12th at Ruby Creek.  We spent the afternoon together discussing how we will all work together to plan for the future.  We had Elders, and youth, and everything in-between!  We took lots of time to get re-acquainted with each other.  We revisited the vision for the future that community Members have developed in previous exercises.  Following-up on our survey, we discussed and debated which topics are of greatest importance for us to consider over the next year as we move forward.  Based on what we heard we will be grouping our discussions as per the graphic showed here.

Members shared their thoughts:

We will right it in our time – Lucy

We are all in this together – Bill

Elders believed education is the key to survival and will
help heal and reinvent ourselves
– Harvey

Including youth in traditional way of life, it is the only
way we are going to survive
– Harvey

Special thanks go to Bill Davis for supporting the work
with drumming and singing.

Comprehensive Community Plan Introduction

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Sq’ewá:lxw Community Vision

Have you ever dreamed of what your ideal community might be?  Have you wished for things that would make your family safe and comfortable?  Are your roots at Ruby Creek calling to you?  Are there elements of a sustainable village of family that you would love to help make happen?  Is there a future you want to give to your children?

Your Chief and Council and staff are preparing to give us all a chance to fulfil those dreams.   We have been waiting some time for the opportunity to collectively define our future and that time is now.  We hope that everyone will draw together with us on this important work.  We want to set our sights on a shared destiny, and we want community members to map out a path to get us there.

The Sq’ewá:lxw Community Vision (or what other communities have referred to as a comprehensive community plan) will:

  • Have its foundation in the inherent title and rights of the people;
  • Be inclusive of all community members;
  • Describe a long-term vision;
  • Honour the past;
  • As a living plan embrace change and evolve with time;
  • Address all aspects of community life;
  • Strengthen governance and build capacity; and
  • Include an action plan that will immediately set us on our path.

The Halq’eméylem word sq’ép means a meeting or a gathering.  With community participation being at the heart of the work, planning will take place within community engagement sessions which we will call sq’ép.  Together we will learn from the past, evaluate the present, and envision the future.

Sq’ép will take place on Saturdays.  We will start with a lunch meal and continue into the afternoon for a few hours.  All will be welcome at the circle.  Facilitators will ensure that the sq’ép is at all times respectful, comfortable, and safe.

Supporting the work we will have a dedicated newsletter called Sq’ewá:lxw Sqwélqwel.

You will very soon be receiving more information.  There will be many ways to participate.   We will be reaching out via the website, Facebook, Sq’ewá:lxw Sqwelqwel, postal mail outs, and email.  You will be encouraged to regularly look for new information on our website and Facebook page.  Please send us your email address if you wish to receive information that way.

We urge you to get involved, share your vision, support the project team, and make the Sq’ewá:lxw Community Vision your own.

We have taken on a big task and we will be working together on a first version of the Vision for about two years.  We will be kicking off our work with our first Sq’ép on August 12th in the hall at Ruby Creek.  Please save that day on your calendar.

Your Champion of this initiative is Sharron Young.  Please feel free to contact Sharron with any thoughts you may have. See you at Ruby Creek on August 12th!

Mike interviews David Carson about the CCP