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The salmon have come home

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10484566_1495487520735938_4422553274762892477_oLast fall, Chief and Council decided last year to build a gazebo to add another feature on site to attract more weddings and events. We value native art and wanted to have an element of that to tie the gazebo in to the gallery. We worked with a local woodworker to build the gorgeous 14’ gazebo and with local artist Pascal Pelletier to design and carve two custom, 4 foot long salmon that were built into the design. Recently, these two beautiful salmon carvings were stolen.

The theft took place at 2:37am on Monday, January 5th. Upon the discovery of the stolen salmon, we posted surveillance videos and photos online requesting help from the public. Within 24 hours, the video had been shared over 500 times and had over 14,000 views. Pascal said in his interview that “public art belongs to everyone and it was very selfish for these people to take it for themselves.” It seems that people believe that strongly as they were willing to share this story. We received so much support from community members, locals, and even people from far away. The story was picked up by a local radio station, and even CBC came out here and interviewed Pascal for a story.

On January 14th, the salmon were returned. We would like to thank everyone who helped circulate the story. This would not have happened without your help.

Though the salmon have been returned, the investigation continues. If you have any information, please contact us at 604-796-9129.


Christmas comes to Skawahlook!

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Being tucked in a breath taking little valley, with a stunningly beautiful hall, and having a new economic developer is all contributing to the fact that our hall rentals have really begun picking up!

Because of that, we decided it was time to invest in our holiday decorating to make it even more appealing. I dare say it’s irresistible now!

We consulted with an expert, Liv Turnbull, to plan and decorate both the hall and the front of administration office. The hall is more neutral, with an outdoorsy, whimsical, chalet feel. The tree is huge and has a vast array of unique and earthy ornaments. We have also purchased beautiful new table clothes, have had the entire building repainted, have a commercial kitchen right off the hall as well as a professional sound system, and gorgeous custom built 14 foot gazebo outside. I know, right?! Too good to be true some might say. Well, I kid you not! We have it!

The administration office has been decorated wild and crazy… we’ve affectionately nicknamed the tree “Willy Wonka”. I’m lucky enough to sit at the front desk so I get to stare at this beauty every day.

Both areas look fantastic! Thank you SO much, Liv!

For hall rental inquiries, please contact Mike at 604-796-9129 or email him at

* Please excuse the poor quality cell phone pics for now. Better quality images coming…


Meet Sharron!

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CAM09034If you spend any time around the office, you’ll know that Sharron Young is the backbone around here. She lived in Skawahlook for many years and has worked here since finishing her degree at UBC. Needless to say, she has a wealth of history and knowledge!

Sharron works as Skawahlook’s Administrator (sometimes jokingly referred to as our “bean counter”). She takes care of all of the accounting and recently has taken on the Chair position of the new Skawahlook Housing Committee. This is one busy girl balancing her work here, her part time book keeping work for the ACFCC, and her young family.

It is always a pleasure to have Sharron in the office. She adds a professional perspective to the team in a fun and youthful way. She is personable, funny and kind. We are so lucky to have her!

Sharron lives with her husband, Andrew, and their two adorable young girls in Chilliwack.

Find out more about Sharron here.

Meet Mike

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Continuing on with the introduction of the admin and maintenance team, I’d like to take a minute to introduce you to our Gallery Manager, Mike.

Mike has been working with us as the Economic Developer for the past year. He is super passionate about his job (I mean, look at his car!!) and about #nativeart and we are lucky to have him on our team! We sure appreciate Mike’s dedication, spunk, positive attitude, and hard work. He is definitely a valued member of our team!

Mike brings a diverse skill set to this position, with a history in sales, work in the Canadian Armed Forces, a degree in First Nations Studies and Political Science from SFU, and his Cree heritage.

Super social and always willing to try new things, Mike can often be found throughout the lower mainland at PowWows, festivals, and other events with his Ruby Creek Art Gallery booth.

Mike has worked hard to find quality local artists and to build strong relationships with them. Because of this, we are able to offer our gallery customers the option to work with the artists on custom pieces if we don’t have exactly what they are looking for in store.

Ruby Creek Art Gallery’s website was recently updated by Mike and he has an active presence on the gallery’s facebook, instagram and twitter pages. Be sure to follow him for relevant and entertaining updates.

Mike lives in Maple Ridge with his partner, Susanna, and their cool two kids.

You will find Mike working in the gallery Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but you can get ahold of him earlier at the week too through or 604-796-9129.