The Sq'ewá:lxw Vision Plan

The vision project is a Sq’ewá:lxw approach to what is commonly called comprehensive community planning. We have worked together to define our future. Sq’ép has been central to this process. The halq’eméylem word sq’ép means a meeting or a gathering. With community participation being at the heart of this work, planning took place within community sq’ép.

Together we learned from the past, evaluated the present, and envisioned the future.

View the Vision Plan here.

View the Vision Plan book here.

Documenting the Process

Year End Reports

The year end reports provide full documentation of our Vision Project and how we built the vision together.

Past Vision Project Newsletters

Newsletters were an important tool to stay connected with members and validate what was being heard in Sq’ep.

How We Built Our Vision

Chief Maureen Chapman

We are ready and able to plot our own course into the future.  We have initiated a process to create a future which is genuine for our people and supportive of a sustainable community.  We are pleased to be moving forward on such an important initiative.

We encourage you to get involved and create the future you want to see for your children.

Councillor Debra Schneider

David Carson, RPF

Have you ever dreamed of what your ideal community might be?
Have you wished for things that would make your family safe and comfortable?
Are your roots at Ruby Creek calling to you?
Are there elements of a sustainable village of family that you would love to help make happen?
Is there a future you want to give to your children?

The Community Vision Planning Process hopes to answer those questions and develop a plan to achieve your goals!

Land Forest People

What is the Sq’ewá:lxw Community Vision Project?

Working together we will define our future.  It is as simple as that.  Chief and Council invite all members to participate in guiding our community to a future that is best for all of us.

The Sq’ewá:lxw First Nation Vision  will:

  • Have its foundation in the inherent title and rights of the people;
  • Be inclusive of all community members;
  • Describe a long-term vision;
  • Honour the past;
  • Embrace change and evolve with time;
  • Address all aspects of community life;
  • Strengthen governance and build capacity; and
  • Include an action plan that will immediately set us on our path.

Sq’ép (Gatherings)

The Halq’eméylem word sq’ép means a meeting or a gathering.  With community participation being at the heart of this work, planning will take place within community engagement sessions which we will call sq’ép.  Together we will learn from the past, evaluate the present, and envision the future.   In order to give as many people as possible a chance to participate, Sq’ép will be on Saturdays following a luncheon meal.