shows live information on wildfires and where the smoke is on a live map.


FireSmart Tool Kit 

FireSmart is equipped to assist you with ensuring that community structures are safe from wildland fires.  FireSmart has provided in-depth information for residences through various learning applications.

Wildfire is a natural and necessary element of the forest ecosystem that surrounds our community.

FireSmart is a way of living with wildfire while minimizing the risks.  Managing wildfire appropriately requires balancing its natural role with the protection of human life, property, and economic values.

After a wildfire, the homes still standing are the ones that were prepared.  What can you do to be prepared?

  • Clean your roof and gutters and trim any overhanging trees or branches
  • Keep your grass cut and remove any vegetation within 1.5 metres of your home
  • Move firewood and gasoline and propane storage more than 10 metres from your home
  • Choose deciduous trees and busnes within 10 metres of your home
  • Starting at 10 metres from your home, thin and prune evergreen trees and regularly clean up dry fallen branches

At this link you can download the BC FireSmart “FireSmart Begins at Home Manual”.

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