The Sq’ewá:lxw Digital Atlas is part of the Sq’ewá:lxw Traditional Land Use and Ecological Knowledge project and celebrates Elders’ knowledge and stories of Sq’ewá:lxw lands and resources. We give thanks to the Elders and knowledge holders who shared their words and wisdom throughout this project.

Click sites on the map to experience interactive words and photographs of Sq’ewá:lxw culturally significant places. Use the arrows and check boxes below to expand site categories and toggle base map data, and click the “360 view” link to access virtual reality imagery of many sites throughout the atlas.

Locations of images are approximate only, based on biography map interviews with Sq’ewá:lxw Elders and land users. This map does not portray the entirety of Sq’ewá:lxw relationships to their lands and resources, nor does it define the temporal or spatial extent of these interests. It is presented without prejudice to Sq’ewá:lxw Rights & Title. Absence of site-specific data does not indicate absence of interest or use.

Map assembled by Jonathan Taggart / Land Forest People Consulting Ltd.

© Sq’ewá:lxw (Skawahlook First Nation) 2018.
Not be reproduced without written permission.