Debra Schneider

Councillor and Lands Manager


Debra is one of fourteen children of Bill Chapman (deceased) and Anna Maguire of Ruby Creek, BC. She married David Schneider, from Prosser, Washington, in March of 1975, and he also belongs to a large family of 12. Debra and Dave have two wonderful children, a son, Jeremiah, and a daughter, Sharron. Through Sharron they acquired a son-in-law named Andrew in the summer of 2001 and in July 2008 they acquired a daughter-in-law named Charlotte through Jeremiah. Sharron and Andrew have two daughters Grace Debra Young (November 2008) and Beth Marie Young (September 2011). Their first grandson, Elouan David, was born to Jeremiah and Charlotte in June 2014.

Debra has been on Skawahlook’s council for the past 15 years. As well, she is on various committees at Sto:lo Nation and keeps up to date on both political and treaty issues that affect our entire nation.

Leadership Background:

  • Manager of Lands and Natural Resources- September 2002 to March 2005 and 2008 – present
  • Manager of Big Foot Coffee Shop at Skawahlook- March 2005 to October 2007
  • Skawahlook First Nation Band Councilor- 1993 to present
  • Aboriginal Education Council for 2 years
  • Member at large of Sto:lo National Board of Directors – July 2004 – 2010

Debra enjoys gardening, traveling, golfing and spending time with her grandchildren.